Our Model Focuses on Engaging the Treating Physician in the Clinical Trial Recruitment Process

Leveraging Physician-Patient Relationships

Leveraging Physician-Patient Relationships

Most patients (72%) would participate in a clinical trial recommended by their physician. Yet, only 22% have ever heard about a clinical trial from their physician.1

At Effectus, we accelerate your clinical trial recruitment by leveraging the power of physician-patient relationships to deliver pre-screened patients to your clinical trial sites.

Our model focuses on engaging the treating physician in the clinical trial recruitment process.

This quantum leap forward in clinical trial recruitment:

  • Accelerates clinical trial recruitment
  • Gives more patients the opportunity to participate in research
  • Leads to faster approval of potentially life-saving drugs and devices

Delivering Pre-Screened Patients

Delivering Pre-Screened Patients

We partner with physicians located near your clinical trial sites who see your patient population. All of the physicians we accept are committed to helping their patients access treatments available through clinical trials.

Unlike patients who learn about clinical trials in other ways, these patients are much more likely to be:

  • Eligible for your clinical trial, because the physicians pre-screened them
  • Engaged in the clinical trial and compliant, because of their physician consultation

We then facilitate patient flow from pre-screening to the pre-enrollment visit.

Effectus facilitates a streamlined patient flow from pre-screening to the enrollment visit.

Real-world demographic and clinical data, and analytics enable you to maximize recruitment in your current trial and inform the design of future clinical trials.

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