Our unique recruitment process increases prescreened patients for your clinical trials

How does our dedicated patient facilitator assist the patient?

Transferring patients quickly and smoothly to your trial sites

Each patient is assigned a dedicated patient facilitator who helps guide the patient to ensure a smooth transfer to the clinical trial site. The trained patient facilitator removes barriers to study participation such as scheduling, forgetting appointments, or a lack of transportation, making the patient journey more convenient and manageable. One-on-one communication between patient facilitators and patients encourages happier patients, higher recruitment, and may lower drop-out rates.

By demonstrating a patient-centric approach, patient facilitators lessen the burden for not only the patient, but also the clinical trial site team and treating physician.

Maximizing patient recruitment through data and analytics

Precise metrics that matter for your clinical trial

We provide you with real-world data, so you can:

  • Understand demographic and clinical data on your patients of interest
  • Gain insights on enrollment barriers
  • Use the data to improve your study planning